Designing a 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Album

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Wedding anniversaries are a cause for celebration whether the couple are celebrating their first anniversary or their 10th. By the time a couple reach their 50th wedding anniversary it is an even greater cause for celebration because this is a major milestone in any marriage. Celebrate a 50th anniversary in style by creating a customised photo album using photos of the happy couple together. You can even scan old paper print pictures and use one of these as the cover of the album.

Choose A Favourite Photo For The Cover

The album cover is the area that you can customise yourself through the addition of one or more favourite photographs. The standard layout affords you the opportunity to print a single photo on the front and again on the back but you can choose a second picture for the back instead if you like or even have a photo montage or other unique design created for one or both of the covers.

Choose An Album Size

There are three sizes of photo albums and depending on the size that you choose your album will include either 60 or 100 sides of photo album page and will be able to house various different sizes of picture. Small albums provide 60 sides of 6′ x 4′ photos, medium offer 60 sides of 8′ x 6′ photos, and large albums provide 100 sides of 10′ x 8′ photos.

Self Mount Photo Albums

The photo album is a self mount photo album which means that the recipient has to apply photo mount pieces before they can stick the pictures down on the pages. However, many people enjoy this tactile experience of finishing their own photo gift and this is the case then the photo album is the ideal gift opportunity that can be given to your husband or wife, or to the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Professional Album Books

As well as a 50th wedding anniversary photo album you can create a customised design for a 50th anniversary photo book. The photo book also provides the opportunity to customise the front cover but instead of leaving the recipient to mount their own images, you can include the photos and they will be printed on each and every side within the photo book.

Anniversary Photo Calendars

The photo album, in its various guises, is just one type of photo gift that can be personalised with pictures and turned into a stunning looking 50th anniversary gift. Choose 13 photos of you and your partner and create a personalised yearly calendar. This is a functional and beautiful looking gift as well as one customised especially for the occasion

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