Die Cuts Are Hard to Find

I have been scrapbooking for about 22 years. I started when my daughter was around three years old. At that time scrapbook die cuts or any other type of embellishments where just not around or very hard to find. It’s a lot of fun for me to see how my children’s books have evolved over the many years. My two oldest children’s baby books are very simple and plain. I used colored markers to border the pages or draw dots and swirls just to add color. Did they even make illustrated diecuts in 1986?

There are thousand and thousands of products for scrapbookers to purchase and use today. I am always looking for items that are inexpensive and cute. I always make sure that the products I buy are acid-free, so that our memories are preserved correctly. I love using die cuts. They are a great simple embellishment that help me to scrapbook quickly. I’m not one that can speed hours on a single scrapbooking page, because of the fact: each of my children have their own scrapbooks. (“yes” books with an “s”.) I was thrilled when my daughter was old enough to take over her own scrapbook. So, right now I am doing 5 scrapbooks. One for each of my four boys and one for my husband and me. (“Yes” I am behind by a couple of years, but that’s another story. I will get caught up I always do.)

Anyway…I enjoy using diecuts that I’ve purchased at “fair-type” events. I have found that using die cuts is a “speedy-fast” way to construct creative scrapbook pages.

However…I have found that finding them at craft stores is getting harder and harder, if not impossible. I asked an employee once and was told that “the personal diecut machine has taken over that market.” I do own one but, nothing can take the place of a cute illustrated die cut and they are so much FASTER to use!

I started looking on-line to purchase some and everything I found was UGLY! “OK” my exact words…”butt ugly!” Old school that were just the shape of an object. YUCK!

Then to make matters worse, when you use a search engine and type in “scrapbooking die cuts” you get hundreds of sites claiming they carry them. PROBLEM is you can’t find them!! I am forever getting lost in on-line scrapbook supply stores? (“Yes” I’ve lost my parked car before too!) They carry everything but the kitchen sink! And most of the time I don’t even find diecuts on their site they claim to have.

So what’s the alternative? We can make our own with a personal die cutting machine. This however, is not a fast way to scrapbook, it’s very time consuming. Handmade ones can be cute, but nothing can replace an illustrated die cut full of detail. We as scrapbookers need to be vigilant in our search, scrapbooking stores say that diecuts no longer exists, but they do. I believe that “Happy Scrapbookers use Die Cuts” and as scrapbooking is a never ending quest – we must have fun at it!.

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